Our Associate Certified Coaches

Ahmed Al-Abri

ICF Member since: 2019 Accreditation:  ACC
Languages:  English, Arabic

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Coach manages a meeting of coaches with themselves

  • Career coach
  • Business coach
  • Executive coach
  • Life coach

Target:  Executive, Private Sector and Government Sector

Email Address: ahmed.al.abri77@Gmail.com  

Telephone: 98080835


Avtar Singh

ICF Member since: 2020 Accreditation:  ACC
Languages: English and Hindi

Coaching Message & Specialties: Servant Leader, aiding individuals ace growth.

Specialties: Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, DiSC Certified Trainer, Leadership Development Facilitator.

Target: Individuals, Corporate Managers and Senior Executives

Email Address: connect.avtar@gmail.com 

Telephone:  93235979

Badriya Said Abdullah Al-Khaifi

ICF Member since: 2020   Accreditation:  ACC
Languages: Arabic and English Website:Badriya.alkhaifi@gmail.com

Coaching Message & Specialties:  

Life is full with miracles and you are the greatest one. So, be bold and shine and never give up. It has been always said that two heads are better than one. So let us  together uncover the power of creativity within you. Let us make a quantum leap and begin the challenge and desire to explore your hidden potential. Very thrilled  to work with people who are looking for impossible thoughts to create real results.

Target: Entrepreneurs, graduates , working mothers

Email Address: Badriya.alkhaifi@gmail.com 

Telephone:  99271587


Burkhard Wilmers

ICF Member since: 2022 Accreditation:  ACC
Languages: English, Arabic,German, Spanish Website: https://www.restore-explore.com

Certification: Systemic Coach & Consultant (Germany certified)

MEd – Germany (Maths, Physics, Computer Science)

Coaching Message & Specialties:

“Explore your full potential to overcome your challenges beyond expectations.”

My passion is to support you with my expertise in

– Intercultural team building, training, development and coaching (Teams)

– Career, educational and life coaching (Individuals)


– Technological & engineering corporations and businesses, educational & scientific organizations

– Individuals (managers, employees, engineers, lecturers, teachers … and possibly you, aiming to reach your personal change goals)

Email Address: info@restore-explore.com 

Telephone: 93258458

Joshua Truckey

ICF Member since: 2019 Accreditation:  ACC
Languages: English
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/joshuatruckey

Certification:MBA (Entrepreneurship), and BA (Psychology)

Coaching Message & Specialties:

“I help leaders make better decisions.” Specialties include: Executive capacity, Leadership growth, Cultural intelligence (CQ), Professional development, and Entrepreneurial startups and scaling.


Organizations, Executives/Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs within organizations). Although, if this bio excites you, contact me.

Email Address:  Joshua@pbd-oman.com  

Telephone: 94975324


Suhail Mahad Al-Maashani

ICF Member since: 2019 Accreditation:  ACC
Languages: English and Arabic

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life Coach, Work-Life Balance, Career Advice, Executive Coach, Trainer and Mentor in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.


Executives, Individuals working with Work-Life Balance and Confidence Issues

Email Address: smmashani@gmail.com  

Telephone: 99699651


Mohammed Sulaiman Abdullah Al Ghafri

Certification: NESA

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Leadership and professional and personal growth

The nature of coaching practice in my professional context is based on a longitudinal approach of learning and coaching approach. It is build on an in-service system that relies on coaching individuals, teams and organizations on how to maintain and sustain development for both the individuals and organizations.


Email Address: m1ghafri@gmail.com

Telephone: +96899228554

Farzeen Ashik

Farzeen Noorie Ashik

Certification: MBA, CIPD, Hogan

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Career Coaching , Professional development coaching

 Farzeen is a professional coach committed to practice coaching ethically and responsibly. Her areas of focus are career planning  , personal and professional development, and supporting women at work.


Email Address: farzeen.ashik@ascendconsulting.com

Telephone: +96899168949


Majda Al Jadidi

Certification: In process to get ACTC

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Transformative coach

Majda Al jadidi, certifid transformative coach from ICF (ACC),I have been actively involved in the coaching industry for 3 years, helping individuals enhance their performance, boost their confidence, and overcome challenges. Throughout my career, I have successfully coached professionals from various industries, including [banking and services sectors around the world], and have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of coaching.


Email Address: majda.aljadidi@gmail.com

Telephone: +96895569040

Jeni Dellman

Jeni Dellman

Certification: CRR Global ORSC

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Teams and systems

An educationalist using the skills and strategies learnt leading teams in my coaching practice. Focus on team coaching and individual strategy plans.


Email Address: dellmanj@britishschoolmuscat.com

Telephone: +96897695904

khawla Alghanbousi

Khoula Alghanbousi

Certification: NlP and SCP

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life coach

I’m passionate about working with people to explore the potential from deep inside from their within

Email Address: Kghanbousi@gmail.com

Telephone: +96898983767


Stephanie Rachid

Certification:Intercultural Coaching Certification

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Intercultural and Executive Leadership

With a background in L&D, I am deeply passionate about exploring diverse cultures through travel & creating a harmonious third cultural space where individuals can freely express their chosen identities. After establishing my coaching practice several years ago, I discovered my true calling in Intercultural & Leadership coaching. This blend allows me to empower clients to embrace their unique strengths & navigate the complexities of diverse environments.

Email Address: rashidstephanie@gmail.com

Telephone: +96895614522

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-05 at 6.00.54 AM

Abdul Rahim Al Farsi


ICF member.

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life and Business

I am the founder of the transformative 4 Books Program. With a passion for guiding individuals towards positive change, I have dedicated my career to helping people transform their lives and unlock their true potential.

My coaching philosophy revolves around fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and empowerment within my clients. I firmly believe that everyone possesses untapped capabilities, and my role as a coach is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allows indiv

Email Address: AbdulrahimA@hotmail.com