Other Accredited Coaches


Philippe Georgiou

ICF Member since: 2015
Languages: English, Arabic and French 

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Wellness and mindfulness coaching

Target: Not Specific

Email Address: philippegeorgiou@yahoo.com 

Telephone: 99825885


Alexandra Eichenberg

ICF Member since: 2016 
Languages: German and English

Website: www.oakhill.de



Certified Systemic Coach, Institute for Systemic Consulting, Germany

Certified Systemic Coach, Odenwald-Institute, K.K. Foundation, Germany

Certified in Systemic Solution-Focused Consulting, Odenwald-Institute K.K. Foundation, Germany

Systemic Team Coach, AoEC, The Academy of Executive Coaching, London

EMDR Practitioner

Coaching Message & Specialties:

I support my clients to make their transformation happen.

Personal transformation is a comprehensive or drastic change or can even be a metamorphosis. It jumbles all beliefs that we hold about ourselves.
It is a wake-up call for our self-image, a radical shift in our understanding of who we truly are and our purpose and place in this world. And it is for sure a deep dive into our “operational system”.
Independent from where you stand today, what you professionally do or who you are, this discovery can be a game changer, on a personal and professional level.

– Accompany of Personal and Organizational Transition Phases (Transformational Coaching and Supervision for Executives, Senior Managers and Professionals)

-Design and Execution of Systemic Coaching Programs for Leaders and Professionals

-Accompany of Team Coaching Processes

-Off-Site Top Management Retreats

Email Address: ae@oakhill.de 

Telephone: 95451738

Ahsan Jalalsmall

Ahsan Jalal Qari

Languages: English, Arabic 


Certified in ACSTH

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Executive, Leadership, Performance

Ahsan Jalal has 32+ years’ experience in Consulting, Human Capital Development and Managing Operations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and two master’s degree one in Business Management and the other in Psychology. He specializes in Talent Management and is certified GTML. Ahsan is very passionate about understating the human potential and making professionals reach their full potential. He understand the human potential and coaches professionals to reach their potential.

Email Address: ahsanjalal@hotmail.com 

Telephone: ‘+96893273706


Vanessa Fernandez San Juan

Certification: Everything Disc Authorised Partner and certified trainer
Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team certified trainer
NLP Master practitioner

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Conflict resolution

Working independently since 2016 after a successful career in the oil and Gas Industry, I founded my own company where I have built a network of trusted associates and affiliates. I bring over 20 years experience to clients in areas of coaching, leadership development, change management, business restructures, talent retention, behavioural skills development, conflict resolution, cross cultural working, recruitment, selection, and management development.

Email Address: vfs78@hotmail.com


Moneera Alzubairi

Moneera Alzubairi


Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach. John Mattone Global, Inc.

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Leadership Executive Coach, Female Leadership Coach, and Life Coach.

Born to be a Coach!
My mission is to add genuine value to the world as a human, as a mother, and as a professional.
An international transformativ

Email Address: moneeraothman@yahoo.com


Safiya Al Yarabi

Safiya Al Yarabi


Growmore Coaching

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life Coaching, Development Coaching

I’m a passionate Life and Career Coach, focused on inciting transformative change in the lives of driven individuals. At present, I head the Internal Coaching Program at Bahwan International Group, Oman, utilizing my extensive coaching prowess to facilitate personal and professional evolution. As a proficient speaker and an Executive Committee member of Toastmasters District 105, I exhibit strong leadership and communication capabilities.           

My fluency in Arabic and English allows me to serve a diverse clientele effectively, employing my coaching strategies across cultures. I am committed to unlocking individual potential, navigating roadblocks, and guiding individuals towards achieving their goals.                                        As a coach, I am more than just a guide; I am a trusted ally in your journey towards creating the life and career that you desire. Every step of the way, I am dedicated to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Email Address: safiyayarabi@gmail.com


John Patrick

John Patrick Flood


Integrative Health and Wellness Certificate

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Health and Wellness

John has worked and lived in such diverse places as New York City, Saudi Arabia, England, Ireland, and the Sultanate of Oman teaching and coaching.

Email Address: johnpatrickflood@gmail.com


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Abdul Rahim Al Farsi


ICF member.

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life and Business

I am the founder of the transformative 4 Books Program. With a passion for guiding individuals towards positive change, I have dedicated my career to helping people transform their lives and unlock their true potential.

My coaching philosophy revolves around fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and empowerment within my clients. I firmly believe that everyone possesses untapped capabilities, and my role as a coach is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allows indiv

Email Address: AbdulrahimA@hotmail.com


Hind Jaafer

Hind Mehdi Ahmed Jaafar

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Life Coaching

I coach clients through Career changes, getting organised, being Goal-Focused, Life Transitions, Women in leadership, and Work-Life Balance.

Email Address: hind.matwani@gmail.com