Other Accredited Coaches


Philippe Georgiou

ICF Member since: 2015
Languages: English, Arabic and French 

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Wellness and mindfulness coaching

Target: Not Specific

Email Address: philippegeorgiou@yahoo.com 

Telephone: 99825885


Alexandra Eichenberg

ICF Member since: 2016 
Languages: German and English

Website: www.oakhill.de



Certified Systemic Coach, Institute for Systemic Consulting, Germany

Certified Systemic Coach, Odenwald-Institute, K.K. Foundation, Germany

Certified in Systemic Solution-Focused Consulting, Odenwald-Institute K.K. Foundation, Germany

Systemic Team Coach, AoEC, The Academy of Executive Coaching, London

EMDR Practitioner

Coaching Message & Specialties:

I support my clients to make their transformation happen.

Personal transformation is a comprehensive or drastic change or can even be a metamorphosis. It jumbles all beliefs that we hold about ourselves.
It is a wake-up call for our self-image, a radical shift in our understanding of who we truly are and our purpose and place in this world. And it is for sure a deep dive into our “operational system”.
Independent from where you stand today, what you professionally do or who you are, this discovery can be a game changer, on a personal and professional level.

– Accompany of Personal and Organizational Transition Phases (Transformational Coaching and Supervision for Executives, Senior Managers and Professionals)

-Design and Execution of Systemic Coaching Programs for Leaders and Professionals

-Accompany of Team Coaching Processes

-Off-Site Top Management Retreats

Email Address: ae@oakhill.de 

Telephone: 95451738