Our Professional Certified Coach

Carolann Philips

ICF Member since: 2016 Accreditation:  PCC
Languages:  English
Website: caphilips.com

Certification: Certified Management Coach, Certified Organizational Development Coach, Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Coach, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, Certified Global Leadership Coach.

Coaching Message & Specialties: There are a lot of fantastic people out there who do what I do. They share the what. Over the years, I’ve learnt that my clients partner with me for the ‘who’ and the ‘how’. My purpose is to help create a world that grows together, and works better. I have invested the last 20 years of my life helping organizations grow their talent, and supporting individuals on their development journeys. My specialty is to help my clients identify developmental and learning issues and goals impacting their productivity, performance, and growth. I then support and guide them, with multi-skilled expertise, as they follow through on co-created action plans, towards desired success.

Target:  AIndividuals and organizations who wish to grow more, do more, and be more.

Email Address: carolann@caphilips.com

Telephone: 92287017

Fayza Mohammed Sadik

ICF Member since: 2020  Accreditation:  PCC
Languages: English and Arabic Website:  coachingwithfayza.com

Certification:  Certified Executive Coach,Executive Development Diploma -IMD, Prince II & MSP Practitioner 

Coaching Message & Specialties:  

I truly care about people to maximize their potential and live  with more clarity , confidence and courage. My mission here is to  develop and empower a generation of leaders regardless of their title .

As an executive  / team , I can help you get clarity and tools you need to empower yourself and your leaders , engage your teams and transform your organizations , step by step

Target: Executives, Managers , SMEs , Teams and Individuals

Email Address: fayza.sadik@gmail.com

Telephone: 99340456


Hanan Abdullah Al-Harthy

ICF Member since: 2017 Accreditation:  PCC
Languages: English and Arabic

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Ms. Hanan is an accomplished professional with extensive leadership experience in developing and executing the human development strategies to drive sustainable business and cultural change. Her experience includes leadership development, community/society development, executive coaching. Solutions

Target: Organization / Individuals

Email Address: hanan.alharthy@yahoo.com 

 Telephone: 94777772

Ghaya Mohammed Al Barwani

ICF Member since: 2020  Accreditation:  PCC
Languages: English and Arabic Website: www.ghayabarwani.com

Certification:  Executive Culture Coach, Certified Team Coach, Certified Mental Fitness Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Coach Supervisor, MBA (Fin)

Coaching Message & Specialties:

Ambitions Ambassador + Go-To Person for leaders and teams who want to move FROM irregular & intermittent results TO Radically RESULTS with heart

Executive Culture and Team Coach

Target: Individual, Corporate Groups and Corporate Teams

Email Address: ghaya@ghayabarwani.com

 Telephone: 79413712


Dr. Nada Al-Ajmi

ICF Member since: 2020 Accreditation:  PCC
Languages: English and Arabic Website: Aspiremuscat.com

Coaching Message & Specialties: Hello! It is my pleasure to accompany you on this coaching journey. I believe in a holistic approach to coaching and development. I work with my clients on deep core philosophies and offer them practical tools to move forward. I am here to support you as you move from simply dipping your toes into the pool of personal growth to immersing yourself in and mastering personal growth. Our coaching journey will grow your mind and grow your soul.

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Organizational leadership development
  • Personal growth
  • Self confidence
  • Strategic thinking/planning
  • Team effectiveness
  • Work-life balance
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Career development

Target: Individuals and institutions

Email Address: Nada@aspiremuscat.com

Telephone: 9099 9607

Jamal Humaid Said Al-Naamani

ICF Member since: 2020  Accreditation:  PCC
Languages: English and Arabic

Coaching Message & Specialties:

To Support individual and team to achieve their goals and ultimate aspiration

Target: No specific

Email Address: naamani05@gmail.com 

 Telephone: 99877134